The Following Jesus web site is a project of the Mustard Seed School of Theology, which may be the smallest school of biblical studies and theology in the world.

The goal of this project is to discover ways to be a faithful follower of Jesus in a postmodern world. It explores what Dietrich Bonhoeffer called “religionless Christianity”—faith as a way of life, not as a system of beliefs and doctrines or institutional rites and rituals. The Mustard Seed School hopes to share the radical social and political ideas of Jesus as an antidote to the religious orthodoxy of the church adopted under the Emperor Constantine in the fourth century.

Jesus explained that the reign of God was like a mustard plant—a fast-growing weed that invades well-cultivated and protected gardens and that spreads with chaotic growth. It is the uncontrolled spread of radical ideas like nonviolent resistance, distributive economic justice, radically inclusive community, and a situational ethics of compassion—that has the creative power to transform the world—and may even transform the church.

chapters / sections

These pages have been developed in a sequential order—like the chapters in a book—to describe Jesus, his vision, and the community that has followed him over the centuries. Along the way, we will examine what it means to journey with Jesus and will recount the lives of some notable followers, our companions on the journey.

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